Chapter 22

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"What will follow?"

"I am sure it will be just as we have planned. Athar will be quite distressed that the Rune of Destruction has disappeared. The wizard, of course, will be suspect. He will be summoned to Bhel'Ehzz and arrive at roughly the same time as the Journey of Homage. Then the Great One will be in position to impose his domination and wrath upon this wretched kingdom and its citizens, elevating us to our rightful places." The demon's eyes burned brighter with every word.

"You believe Arhyvhynne will turn him over to the King?"

Before the demon could answer, six loud knocks resounded on the throne room door. The creature rose and retrieved a heavy, black ceremonial robe from behind the throne. Satarsmyt answered the question while he donned and adjusted the robe. "She will have little choice. Not only will Athar demand it, but most likely Tomhylhen and the general populace will as well."

Pleased with his appearance, Satarsmyt nodded once to a wizard who guarded the door. The wizard, a black robe, knocked once and the door opened. A young girl, chained and naked, was escorted into the throne room by two other black robed wizards, none of which belonged to Athar's ten. The black candle was lit and the girl was placed upon the altar and secured there.

Daath Ul Thaum housed many men and women (though mostly women) such as her. Most of them were abducted from Sagghez'ah and were forced into roles of slaves, breeders and sacrifices. The slaves were forced to perform all of the most difficult as well as the most revolting and disgusting tasks. The breeders were the mates of the incubi and succubi and their offspring were partial demons that were enrolled as common soldiers into the False Legion. Those mates that proved to be sterile or barren became the Possessed. The Possessed subconsciously acted as the agents of Daath Ul Thaum, appearing as normal humans leading normal lives while a part of them secretly sought to direct the matters in which they were involved to the ends of the Dark Master.

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