Chapter 22

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Regardless of what they did or how they performed, those seized from their previous lives were all physically and sexually abused on a daily basis in addition to being candidates for sacrifice. But even in death there was no deliverance for these tortured beings. For after the debauchery of the rituals, they were snatched from the grasp of death by the SoulSlayers.

Satarsmyt turned his eyes from his victim to the witch. "It has been long since you have visited Daath Ul Thaum and taken part in our rites." He placed his clawed hands on her, allowed them to wander.

One aspect of the black robe felt disgust at the demon and her craving for the licentiousness and depravity the ritual would bring her. But there was also a facet that accepted it, welcomed it openly. That was the part she fought against. She made a feeble attempt at pushing Satarsmyt's claws away. "I really should be getting back before I am missed."

The demon's voice was smooth as he reassured her. "Do not concern yourself, my dear. I will return you in due time. Surely you will not deprive me of your flesh. The flesh I saved from the Rune?"

And though aversion was clearly visible in her eyes, she permitted herself to be led to the altar, where demon, wizard, creature and witch alike disrobed and immersed themselves in their sacrifice.


Uriel, half asleep, rolled over in the bed and reached his arm out to wrap around Eyrmysse. He came awake instantly when he found her to be gone. He got up and looked out her window. Still night, he thought. The suns weren't due up for another couple of hours. I wonder where she could have gone. He wanted to go out and look for her but he didn't dare leave her room.

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