Chapter 23

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Ellycyn, who had watched the entire exchange in dismay with Setryv and Mharkhel, now went to comfort her brother. "Are you all right?" she asked.

Rhenycyn grunted a response, then went into a quiet tirade. "Initially, it was Fhyndhella. She spent the entire evening hanging on me. She wishes everyone to think that she is still mine, but when the opportunity arises to confirm it… nothing. Then Dhonlaa, that bitch. Can you believe the audacity of that woman?" The Prince struck the palm of his hand with his fist. "The animosity she bears towards me must be endless. That family will bring about my downfall yet. She really set it up so very carefully, so very well. I should have known. Someone should have known. I should have been told. Even the Ministry sides with her. I almost wish I did have the old man killed. I should have let Vhalkhette kill her." Then he got a faraway look on his face. "Vhalkhette. What a truly fascinating woman. Allure and power all in one. But alas, even she will not have me." Saddened, Rhenycyn looked around the tent for the one person that could comfort him. Ignoring Ellycyn and leaving her without so much as a word, he immediately went to Jhyrenne and the two of them left together.

Ellycyn felt sorry for both her brother and Jhyrenne. What with Athar, Valdhon's murder, Fhyndhella and now Dhonlaa, Rhenycyn was having a bad time of it lately. The Princess felt that Fhyndhella was the misdirected target of Rhenycyn's frustrations, however. Ellycyn was convinced that he did not have serious intentions towards her and that her brother should detach himself from her completely instead of just leading her on,. And one could not really fault Fhyndhella for trying to keep what she believed to be hers. Jhyrenne, on the other hand, was content simply to be the Prince's mistress. Ellycyn wished that it didn't have to be so. If only her attendant had been born of nobility.

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