Chapter 23

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The room they entered was small. Black floor candles supplied the room with its only illumination. A circle and magical symbols were painted on the stone floor. Azarel and Uxzel were waiting for them. The frail black robe nodded once to Zomyel. The wizard took the witch's hand that held the goblet and deposited a powder into it, then added a bit more mead. "Drink sister, drink deeply." He smiled to encourage her but it was not necessary. The witch consumed the contents of the goblet without pausing for breath.

The wizards gave the mead a moment to take effect, then disrobed the witch and laid her within the circle, naked. Beleghor looked upon the witch with lust and desire. "I cannot wait to release myself from this vile white robe. It is as if the very touch of it burns my skin and corrupts my Soul."

Zomyel smiled his understanding and said, "You are not alone in your feelings, brother."

Azarel knocked once on the wall across from where the witch had been brought in. Minutes passed and then the wall slid open. The wizards' Dark Master entered. He was robed in black, the head of a black goat with ebony horns upon his shoulders. He gave the room a cursory inspection. "Let us begin," he said in his deep, guttural voice.

The wizards formed a circle around the witch. As their master began the conjuration, the wizards held their arms high, grasped each other's hands and walked the circle counter-clockwise. When the Dark Master began the evocation of the incubus, the wizards disrobed. Before long, the demon coalesced above the witch. It had the head of a leopard, the body of a lion and the tail of a crocodile.

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