Chapter 24

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The reaction of the Ministry was one of uniform shock and fear. Nherycyn appeared to age before their very eyes while his son had trouble diverting the accusatory stare of the wizard. After a few moments, the wizard calmed the group down. "Should I start from the beginning, Your Majesty?" The King nodded absently and Athar proceeded to recount the events they were aware of concerning the arrival of Uriel.

The Ministers had a barrage of questions when he finished and Dhonlaa was the first. "Why did you not tell us when this all took place? Was it not our right to know?"

"Both the King and I felt it would be unwise to make this public until we were able to draw some substantial conclusions." Athar was matter-of-fact, as if their decision was above question.

Dhonlaa pressed the matter, however. "Why was he not at least brought here for an official inquiry? The circumstances surrounding him and the passage from the Scrolls would seem to establish grounds enough, would it not?"

Athar answered sheepishly. "The King and I were of the same thought, my lady, however the Prince and his sister convinced the King otherwise."

Rhenycyn spoke up in his own defense. "I was far from certain at that time—nor am I yet convinced—that this Uriel is the cause of all or anything that has transpired."

Fhyndhella's father, Delfyn, the Minister of Housing, spoke up. "I am in complete agreement, My Prince. There does not seem to be a great deal of evidence. What I hear is mainly conjecture." He was a tall, slim man with thinning hair of middle age who was known more for his astute dealings in real estate as opposed to his political savvy.

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