Chapter 24

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"Must you be so obvious in supporting Rhenycyn in hope of reconciling your daughter to him?" Dhonlaa pointedly asked.

"As an actual member of the King's Ministry, it is my right and duty to offer my insights when I deem necessary," Delfyn retorted.

"Enough, enough." They were Nherycyn's first words since learning of the Rune. "We are all painfully aware of both of your opinions regarding my son."

A severe-looking man in military uniform was the next to address the group. "What of the Witches of the Moons? Are they involved and if so how?" asked Ghanharl, Minister of Defense.

"The extent of the Witches' involvement has not been established. Perhaps we should request Lhynette to join us?" Athar questioned. The Ministers voiced their assent and an attendant was sent to locate the white robe.

Meanwhile, Povharhed, the Minister of Labor asked, "What of the other Runes of Power? Has there been any word regarding them?"

"The Crown is still in possession of three. The whereabouts of the three others have been unknown since the Great Wars," the King's Advisor answered. Athar went on to furnish them with a rather lengthy explanation of his understanding of the significance of the Runes. Lhynette had joined them by the time he had finished and been informed as to why her presence had been requested.

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