Chapter 24

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"What do the Witches know about this mysterious wizard?" Ghanharl asked the white robe. He believed in getting right to the point.

"What concern is it of yours?" Lhynette's eyes were hard, her attitude disdainful.

"How can you ask such a thing?" questioned Ghanharl with ruffled feathers.

"It is very simple," Lhynette responded. "This is a matter that concerns the Sisterhood and we will act upon it accordingly."

"You cannot be serious. This is a matter of importance to the entire realm," argued the Minister of Defense.

"The Witches of the Moons are not subject to you and as a Council member of such, I am not in the habit of being submitted to inquisitions." The white robe got up to leave, but was halted by Nherycyn's voice.

"I command you to be seated and answer the questions that have been put to you!" the King shouted, slamming his palm down on the table. But the witch only glared at him. "You are subject to me and will do as I say or you will be held here until you decide it to be in your best interest to do so."

Lhynette giggled and turned to the wizard, "Athar, you are the one that really rules here. What is it you wish to know from me?"

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