Chapter 24

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The Ministers, excluding Delfyn, all shared the same sentiment. They saw the connection between the appearance of Uriel and the Slayers, Khyrhyelle's murder and the disappearance of the Rune as too much to attribute to coincidence. Delfyn, unsure of Rhenycyn's position, argued a watered-down version of the same.

Athar, bolstered by the views of the Ministry, vehemently argued his case to the King. "From when I was first made aware of the presence of this mysterious sorcerer my intuition led me to believe that this… person is the one whose return we have feared for centuries. The correlations to the Sacred Scrolls are undeniable. He has demonstrated his ability to perform rare and extremely complex magics such as the Ritual of Renascence. SoulSlayers, which had been heretofore dread rumors, scourge the countryside in the north. Qhen Khyrhyelle, one who so deservedly wore the grey, has been taken from us, thought to have been murdered by one from within the Towers itself. And now the Rune. Must he be at the walls of Bhel'Ehzz with his False Legions before our eyes view the truth of whom we are dealing with? Let not another life fall before him. Let us not give him another day to grow strong. Let us summon him to Bhel'Ehzz and require him to stand in judgment before us."

Nherycyn pulled at his beard and addressed his Ministry. "Does anyone wish to take issue with Athar?"

"Yes," replied Rhenycyn, "I do." The King turned his head away and sighed with disgust. Members of the Ministry all began talking at once. The Prince silenced them. "Just hear me out. That is all that I ask."

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