Chapter 24

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"You have had your chance, my Prince." Dhonlaa used her words as weapons. "Had it not been for your previous interjection in this matter, we might not have had to meet on the morning of this, the last day of the MidSummer celebration. We would not now be discussing SoulSlayers, missing Runes and death." Then to the King, "Perhaps many of these issues may have been avoided had this been brought to the Ministry at the outset."

Before Rhenycyn could respond, Fulnhyx, the Minister of Commerce, spoke. "I must agree with Dhonlaa, Prince Rhenycyn. I believe we have heard enough. I propose a vote." This was a strong statement by a halfling who was known for his ability to work out compromises and agreements.

The Prince implored the King's intercession. "Father?"

The King ignored his son. "All those in favor of summoning Uriel to Bhel'Ehzz and allowing Athar and Tomhylhen to conduct a formal inquisition where he is concerned?" Six Ministers voted in favor. "Opposed?" Only Delfyn sided with Rhenycyn.

The King was not obligated to follow the direction of the Ministry. However, if he had any political savvy, he would not disregard their decisions very often, only when he deemed it crucial in important matters. And in those cases, he always had the King's Advisor to support him. Should Nherycyn side with his son and go against the Ministry's vote, Athar, though he voted in Tomhylhen's place for the inquisition, would stand next to his monarch. But it was all unnecessary speculation.

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