Chapter 24

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"Yes, Teserher," Ghanharl added, "I would tend to agree with you though my reasons differ. It would be difficult at best to maintain some semblance of normalcy should this become public knowledge."

The other Ministers shared like opinions and they decided to keep things quiet, at least for the time being. It was hoped that with the cover of the Journey of Homage, they could get through the inquisition and dispense justice without the public knowing what transpired.

With the Closing Ceremonies of MidSummer rapidly approaching at midday, the meeting of the Ministry adjourned. As they left the hall Athar voiced the fear that they all felt. "I only hope we are not too late."

Rhenycyn remained in the hall. He wanted to take a trip to the battlements but didn't have the time. So he settled for a view out of the window. He reflected on all that had come about over this most joyous occasion of the year. He felt misunderstood. He felt manipulated. He felt that someone was carefully maneuvering all the pieces into place, just as an expert dhorsoghi player would. But most of all he felt the calm before the storm. Just as the branches stirred outside to the strong breezes. Just as the approaching clouds obscured the bright skies. So were Bhel'Ehzz and all of Khaballe before the ill winds that he felt blowing.

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