Chapter 25

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Their search also failed to reveal whether the perpetrator had even survived the crime. Based on the absence of the Rune, they could only assume that he or she lived long enough to at least leave the Sanctum. But there was no trace or indication that anyone had left the small, circular room at the very top of the Towers.

"Let us move away from Uriel for the time being and explore other possibilities. I think we should begin with ourselves," Arhyvhynne said. The conversation in the Chambers had deteriorated to the level of accusation and alibi.

"Why?" asked Dhynelle. "It is obvious that he is responsible for this. He is in one way or another responsible for everything that has happened of an uncommon nature since he has arrived."

"Connected, perhaps. But we are far from discovering who has ultimately been responsible for what has been happening," said Xenyssa. "Is there anyone we could logically exclude as a suspect?"

"The only one amongst us that we may presume innocent is Lhynette," remarked Wyxotte.

"Not necessarily," countered Dhynelle. "She could have performed a teleportation."

"Highly unlikely," replied the dwarf.

Dhynelle persisted. "But not impossible."

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