Chapter 25

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"I was in the library for a time and then retired," answered the white robe.

"Alone?" questioned Dhynelle.

"Of course," responded the black woman. "I seldom subject my Soul to the control of my lower nature. When I do, however, it is not merely because I am unable to resist unsuppressed desires nor is it some perverse coupling with one of my Sisters." As an Adeptus Exemptus, Xenyssa was religious about her vows and adhering to her abstinences.

Dhynelle fumed inwardly then cut off Qelharre as she began to say something. "So you have no one who can attest to your whereabouts?"

"As I have already told you, no."

Dhynelle turned to the dwarf. "Wyxotte?"

"Like Xenyssa, I was doing what one typically does at that hour of the evening—sleeping by myself," the old white robe caustically answered. "What about you, Eyrmysse?"

"I have explained my actions earlier," she replied.

"Yes, I know. But you neglected to tell us if you were alone or not."

There was not even a pause before Eyrmysse responded. "Yes, I was alone."

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