Chapter 25

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"And though none of you has asked, I, like most of you, was alone, sleeping," added the High Witch. "This has not brought anything to light," Arhyvhynne complained. "Is there anyone else any of you can think of that might be able to help us in any way? That we might want to question?"

The witches were quiet for a few moments. Then a couple of the Council members mentioned a few names, but they were shots in the dark with nothing solid to warrant their questioning. Until Eyrmysse spoke up. "Though it pains me to say this, I think we ought to talk to Jukhuule."

"Why?" asked her sister.

Eyrmysse began playing with a curl. "As I am sure most of you know, I have been working on a book concerning barriers. Most of the information is what I retained from… the Trials. I have also been teaching a section on them for the last month or so. Jukhuule is in the class."

"I am not sure I understand the connection," Wyxotte commented.

"Some of what I saw in the Sanctum closely relates to what I have been teaching. The reversal of the barrier, for instance. And I think that whatever is inside the barrier was fashioned from lead and used to penetrate it without receiving any adverse effects."

"You were teaching them how to destroy a barrier?" Wyxotte was incredulous.

"I am teaching them construction as well as destruction. Offense as well as defense. Are not the white robes always saying that they are the advocates of teaching balance? Besides, most of it was theory. We did very little experimentation. And what we did find was inconclusive."

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