Chapter 25

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"Why do your suspicions focus on Jukhuule?" questioned Xenyssa. "Why not any of the others in your class?"

"Because Jukhuule was not in her room when I went there."

Qelharre's eyes squinted, struggling with a memory. When it came to her, she turned to Arhyvhynne. "Is this not the same one that was with you when…"

Arhyvhynne nodded gravely. She summoned Ghemella to her from outside the Chamber. "Please find Jukhuule and bring her to us," the High Witch directed the Guardian. "Do not allow her to do anything. Escort her here immediately. Then return to her room and search it."

Within minutes, Jukhuule was sitting in the presence of the Council. Ghemella had found her in her room, sleeping. They had decided to allow Eyrmysse to do the questioning as they might receive more cooperation that way.

"We have brought you here to answer some questions for us," Eyrmysse began. "We are trying to gather some information and hoped you could help us."

"This is about the Rune I take it," said the grotesque black robe.

"How did you know?" asked Eyrmysse.

Jukhuule shrugged. "Talk spreads through the Towers very quickly, Mistress."

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