Chapter 25

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There was nothing further from any of the witches so Arhyvhynne offered the black robe the opportunity to add anything. "Is there anything you would like to say, Jukhuule?"

The black robe stared directly at Eyrmysse and answered, "I have told you all that I know."

Jukhuule was dismissed and the Council discussed what they had heard. Eyrmysse was asked if anyone else in her barrier class would be worth questioning, but her feeling was that there was not. Xenyssa suggested Arhyvhynne perform a mind scan on Qenthyeffe which the High Witch agreed might prove to be very revealing. Ghemella reappeared and informed the Council she had found nothing incriminating in Jukhuule's room. The dark little witch was then directed by the High Witch (reluctantly) to locate Uriel and escort him to the Chambers for questioning. Shortly after Ghemella left, Qenthyeffe returned. The elf told Arhyvhynne and the others that the Guardian on duty during the late shift had not seen anyone leave or enter the Towers.

Arhyvhynne asked Qenthyeffe if she would allow herself to be submitted to a mind scan. Though a bit afraid of what she might see, the elf consented to it. The High Witch took the Guardian by the hand and led her to the fireplace where they sat and got comfortable. Arhyvhynne recalled doing the same thing with Albera only months before, though it could have been years for all that had happened since then.

The High Witch forced herself to focus on the present, as this would most likely be a difficult scan. Not only had Qenthyeffe been asleep, but it was a magically induced sleep. Attempting to differentiate between the clouded perception of reality and the indistinct world of dreams could be very perplexing.

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