Chapter 25

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Though Qenthyeffe was familiar with the process, Arhyvhynne still went through her explanations. When she had finished, both the High Witch and Guardian began to regulate their breathing. Then they entered their trance-states and Arhyvhynne began scanning Qenthyeffe's mind. She started where the elf began to feel the urge to sleep. The High Witch saw nothing unusual, though the feelings of mistrust the elf felt over Uriel's visits to the Sanctum disturbed her. What came to disturb her even more was when Arhyvhynne saw the reminiscences that Qenthyeffe had concerning her little incident with Uriel upon their first meeting.

But that passed and soon Arhyvhynne saw Qenthyeffe fully under the effects of the Spell of Slumber. The High Witch waded through the strange visions and illogical events that comprised the realm of dreams. A long time passed and Qenthyeffe's concentration began to waver. Arhyvhynne, however, managed to keep them going though she herself was expending a great amount of energy trying to decide what were dreams and what were the beginning fragments of reality.

Then the white robe saw a face which caused her blood to run cold. And what troubled her most was that she recognized the face. It was the face of a creature with close-cropped hair and beard, three horns protruding from its head and eyes of fire glowing hideously. It was the face of the demon she had met during her second Trial.

Arhyvhynne almost lost herself amongst the memories of that Trial. She relived the torment her decision had caused her, heard the wailings of those she had disappointed. Though she did not know how, she suddenly knew that the demon who was to beget demonspawn on her was named Satarsmyt. And that it was the same one whom she had read about in the histories and the Scrolls.

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