Chapter 25

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Despite the terror in her heart at the revelation, the High Witch desperately fought to cling on to Qenthyeffe's stream of consciousness. If Arhyvhynne completely lost her contact with it, she would be unable to guide them out from the ethereal world where they now existed. The result would find both witches eternally lost in an astral wilderness.

Another person would most likely have been subjected to that end, but Arhyvhynne's power of mind prevailed. She once again became linked to Qenthyeffe and she saw something black, fabric perhaps, at the corner of the elf's vision. She heard the Spell of Slumber, but the Words which the voice uttered sounded distorted, as if they were echoes emitted from a cave. Then they slipped back into the ambiguous impressions of dreams and Arhyvhynne carefully brought them out of the trance.

Both the witches looked drained as they returned to the Council. Arhyvhynne thanked and dismissed Qenthyeffe after which the Council informed the High Witch that Ghemella was outside with Uriel. Before admitting Uriel, Arhyvhynne related to the Council the perils of the session and what she had discovered from the elf. "The face that Qenthyeffe saw was not that of Jukhuule," she stated.

"Thank the Goddess," remarked Eyrmysse.

"Who was it?" asked Dhynelle. "Was it someone you recognized?"

The High Witch sighed. "Yes, it was. I assume you are all familiar with one named Satarsmyt?" The witches were aghast over Arhyvhynne's revelation. "It was him," she somberly stated.

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