Chapter 25

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After the initial shock wore off, Wyxotte asked, "Are you certain? How do you know it to be him? Surely you have never encountered that demon of Thaum?"

"Unfortunately I have," Arhyvhynne responded. "It was during the Trials. Though I am incapable of relating the circumstances by which I met him, I will never forget it. Or him." She paused, shivered. "I harbor no doubts."

Eyrmysse shot Arhyvhynne a look and Xenyssa questioned the black robe. "Eyrmysse?"

Eyrmysse shrugged her shoulders and curled a black lock around her index finger. "I did not share all of my sister's experiences during the Trials," she explained.

"Is it possible that you saw the demon as a part of Qenthyeffe's magically induced sleep?" Xenyssa asked the High Witch.

"No, I was very careful in separating the dreams from actuality," responded Arhyvhynne. "I am certain it was that creature of the abyss I saw in the Sanctum."

"What of the dark object Qenthyeffe saw?" inquired Dhynelle.

"I am not sure what it was. It may have been fabric. It could possibly be the veil in the Sanctum. It was just within the periphery of her vision and she was beginning to be affected by the spell again."

"So it was grey?"

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