Chapter 25

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"I was unable to tell. It was as Qenthyeffe said. It was dark."

The Chamber grew quiet as the witches dwelled on what Arhyvhynne had told them. "I suppose this gives us a strong indication as to who is behind the SoulSlayers and that someone within the Towers belongs to him," said Qelharre.

"Uriel," added Dhynelle. As Arhyvhynne began to counter the black robe's comment, Dhynelle raised both her hands, palms out. "I know, I know," she said.

At the mention of Uriel's name, Arhyvhynne remembered he was waiting outside and had him brought in. As before, Ghemella was instructed to go through his room and report any unusual findings.

Uriel made his way to the bench and sat down. Dark smudges from lack of sleep were below his eyes. He was withdrawn, anxiety and strain clearly etched into his face. There seemed to be more grey mixed in with his dark hair. He surveyed the Council with the furtive looks of a captured animal. He felt much like he had the first time he entered these Chambers. Except that this time he had Eyrmysse for an intimate ally.

The High Witch started by explaining that something had happened the previous evening and that they were questioning people to discover any information concerning it. Her first question sent Uriel reeling. "Could you please tell us where you were during the night?"

It immediately became apparent to Uriel that Eyrmysse had said nothing of their relationship. Uriel looked to the black robe, but she turned her cowled head away and averted her eyes without drawing attention. His heart sank and he felt the muscles in his stomach constrict. He had been abandoned.

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