Chapter 25

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Until, that is, Dhynelle dropped a bomb. "Do you have an explanation for your regular visits to the Sanctum in the past few weeks?" The black robe's emerald cat eyes shone and she fought to conceal the smile that played at her lips. It was evident she was quite proud of herself.

Uriel was bewildered. He could think of nothing that would even sound remotely plausible. He was about to offer a lame excuse when Eyrmysse spoke. "Uriel and I had spent a short time together studying some metaphysical works and he became interested in the Runes. I told him we had one here and suggested that he meditate on it on a regular basis in order that he might receive a better understanding of them." Her explanation was designed to provide answers to the question of the Sanctum as well as any that might arise over Eyrmysse and Uriel having being seen together.

Dhynelle was disheartened. "You did not mention this to us before."

"I did not think it was pertinent," responded Eyrmysse.

"How could you think that a matter involving the Rune would not be relevant?" Xenyssa lightly chastised Eyrmysse.

Arhyvhynne intervened at that point. "Are there any other questions for Uriel?"

In the interim, Ghemella returned and quietly informed Arhyvhynne that she found nothing out of the ordinary in Uriel's room. Afterwards, Xenyssa advised the High Witch that she thought a mind scan would be in order for both Uriel and Jukhuule. "It would certainly go a long way in establishing guilt or innocence."

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