Chapter 25

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Uriel flinched at the suggestion. Dhynelle added to his distress. "And as I have before proposed, it should be performed by a team. In that way we would not have to concern ourselves with one person's interpretation."

"We are speaking of the High Witch here," Xenyssa said. "Arhyvhynne is unquestionably the most suited for this. There is absolutely no need to involve anyone other than her."

After hearing Xenyssa's initial suggestion, Arhyvhynne turned introspective, becoming somewhat suspicious. The High Witch remembered the comments Uriel had made to her the day before, that he wanted nothing to do with enhancing his magical skills. Something was not quite right. The High Witch looked at Uriel and saw his eyes pleading with her to not subject him to the mind scan. Then she turned her sapphire eyes to her sister's violet ones. There was a defiance there and a smaller version of the well-known smile on her lips, daring her. Or threatening her.

Arhyvhynne could not determine the reason behind Eyrmysse's willingness to defend Uriel. But she decided what she would do until she could find out more. The High Witch interrupted an ongoing discussion by saying, "I am afraid that it is a moot point, at least for the time being. I doubt that I will able to do a mind scan for the remainder of the day. As I explained earlier, the previous one with Qenthyeffe was quite demanding and I do not anticipate regaining the energy necessary for performing a scan until tomorrow, or at the very earliest, this evening. Should I feel up to it I will inform all of you and have Uriel or Jukhuule returned here at that time." Then she spoke directly to Uriel. "Until then, I suggest you stay in your room. Ghemella, escort Uriel back and make sure he is not disturbed."

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