Chapter 25

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The Guardian left with Uriel and he left with mixed emotions. He was relieved that he didn't have to go through a mind scan—at least not yet. While it could prove his innocence where the Rune was concerned, it would at the same time reveal his relationship with Eyrmysse. On the other hand, he was not exactly ecstatic over being confined to his room and being guarded by Ghemella. Arhyvhynne's words did not fool him in the least. His status in the Towers had changed again and he was a suspect—if not the primary suspect—in the disappearance of the Rune.

After Uriel's departure, the High Witch summoned Padxyffu, a white robe who was an expert in telepathic communications. Arhyvhynne constructed a terse message and instructed her to send it to Bhel'Ehzz informing them of the disappearance of the Rune of Destruction. Following that, the Council returned to debating the guilt or innocence of their suspects.

Uriel and Jukhuule were at the top of the Council's list. Wyxotte suggested that Satarsmyt might have absconded with the Rune without any assistance. The mention of Satarsmyt brought a comment from Xenyssa. "I think we are all missing the point. I think we should be more concerned with why the Rune has disappeared and why these other things have been happening as opposed to who is doing them."

The High Witch expressed similar feelings. "I agree, Xenyssa. I fear that the scope of this is much greater than any of us had originally anticipated. In addition, it might provide us some insight if we approach this from another angle."

"So where do we begin?" asked Wyxotte.

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