Chapter 25

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When the meeting adjourned, both Qelharre and Dhynelle made a point of leaving with one another. But neither said a word to the other until they were away from the Chambers and alone in one of the less-travelled hallways. The dark elf grabbed Dhynelle by the arm and swung the witch around to face her. "What was the meaning of all that?" Qelharre questioned harshly.

"The meaning of all what?" Dhynelle responded irritably.

"Do not play games with me! Why did you tell them we were together last night?"

Dhynelle pulled her arm free with a jerk. "To divert any suspicion they might have away from us and unto the wizard. Besides," she added, "it is not like they do not know that we are occasionally together."

Qelharre rested her pink eyes on Dhynelle. "But we were not last night."


The elf sighed. "What is going on Dhynelle?"

"Nothing. I told you, the more the evidence points to the wizard, the better. Now if we can get Arhyvhynne to conduct a mind scan, we will find that he has been behind everything from the beginning. But I do not trust her. Remember, he saved her life. She may psychologically suppress what she sees. Or she may not be truthful with us."

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