Chapter 26

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Finally, the High Witch broke the tension. "I would ask what you are doing here, sister, but I am not especially interested in hearing any of your clever excuses." Neither witch had taken her eyes off the other and Arhyvhynne continued to look at Eyrmysse while she spoke to Uriel. "Would you please show Eyrmysse out, Uriel? There are a few things we need to discuss and I wish them to be confidential."

"Any particular reason why these issues were not addressed before the Council?" the black robe questioned. But when Arhyvhynne did not even offer a response, Eyrmysse inclined her head in a deferential manner and exited Uriel's room, leaving the door open.

Ghemella, stationed outside, watched Eyrmysse slowly wander down the hall and then closed the door. The Guardian was somewhat surprised at the exchange. Arhyvhynne was not, after all, known for her strength of will or imposing it on others. She made a mental note to be more professional and act accordingly around the High Witch.

Inside the room, Uriel was thinking like thoughts. Though probably more by force than choice, it appeared that the young white robe was rapidly growing into her position. And the thought of Arhyvhynne losing that freshness and innocence saddened him. In that vein, he started out by trying to appease her. "We were just—"

"Enough, Uriel." The High Witch grimaced, unhappy that she had lashed out at her one time savior. She walked over to the window, looked out of it, then turned and leaned against the adjacent wall. "I am sorry, but these circumstances have not been easy to contend with."

Uriel stood in the middle of the room, his hands clasped behind his back. "I can imagine."

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