Chapter 26

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"If you can imagine, then you must understand my position." Arhyvhynne did not wait for any acknowledgment. "I have some difficult questions for you."

Uriel went over to his bed and sat on it. The situation reminded him of when he first came to Khaballe and the initial visits from Khyrhyelle. "Go ahead."

"First of all, did you take the Rune or were you in any way a part of its disappearance?"

"No, Arhyvhynne," Uriel responded emotionally. "I swear to you. I had nothing to do with it. Honest."

"You must believe me when I say that I want to believe you. But I am High Witch now and my first priorities are to the Sisterhood and Khaballe." Uriel nodded and Arhyvhynne continued. "Why had you been spending so much time at the Sanctum?"

"It's just as Eyrmysse said." Arhyvhynne cocked her head and gave him a slight frown. "It is. Really."

"Why has she suddenly taken to defending you?"

Uriel hesitated. "We kinda came to an understanding of each other. She's not really the way I made her out to be." The High Witch's expression did not change and Uriel tried to tell her more without telling her much of anything. "It's the truth, Arhyvhynne. She showed me a side of her I haven't seen before. Your sister is very intelligent and can be very understanding. She was able to help me out with some things on a couple of occasions."

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