Chapter 26

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"Arhyvhynne," Xenyssa said with surprise. "I am sorry. I was finishing a meditation when—is something wrong?" The black woman immediately noticed the concern on the High Witch's face.

Arhyvhynne explained the situation regarding the summons to Xenyssa and asked for her advice. "I did not want to go to the Council without some sort of direction, without a course of action. And I am afraid that I might not be as objective as I should."

"Forgive my asking, but why did you come to me instead of your sister? I am but new on the Council."

Arhyvhynne sighed and sat down on Xenyssa's bed. "The truth of the matter is that I have decided what must be done and I wanted to hear your thoughts before I presented mine to the Council." The High Witch wrung her hands. "I plan to heed the summons. I will travel with Uriel to Bhel'Ehzz."

"I am not sure how that relates to Eyrmysse."

"My intentions are to bestow the rule of the Towers to her in my absence."

Xenyssa gave her a questioning look. "Technically, it should be Wyxotte, should it not? She is the eldest."

"Yes, I know. But Eyrmysse is better suited for what I am afraid the future may hold and hopefully, it will improve our relationship a bit. It has not been the same since the Trials. In any case, I do not anticipate any problems. My recommendation will pass through the Council. Dhynelle and Qelharre will of course approve. With your support my vote will give Eyrmysse the majority without involving either her or Wyxotte. And even if Lhynette were here and thought differently it would not change the outcome," she added as an afterthought.

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