Chapter 26

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Arhyvhynne was telling herself as much as she was Xenyssa when she said, "I have a feeling it is too late for those concerns. I am afraid I am bound to Uriel and the circumstances surrounding his arrival in Khaballe by stronger ties than any of us know."


After the midday Closing Ceremonies of MidSummer, Arhyvhynne gathered her Council and met in the Chambers. Though she had been High Witch for a few months now, she still dreaded Council meetings and making decisions. She was always afraid that she might slight someone or be unfair in her judgments. And when her actions were questioned it lowered her self confidence and caused her none too little agony.

The Council received the news from Bhel'Ehzz with mixed emotions. Wyxotte saw it as an opportunity for the witches to rid themselves of a difficult dilemma. As Arhyvhynne took on more of the responsibility for her position, the dwarf began to slowly revert to her old self, becoming somewhat complacent of late. Xenyssa was her usual stoic self, not letting on that she had any prior knowledge of the message. Dhynelle and Qelharre were just short of ecstatic. This was what they had been pushing for since Uriel had arrived. But Eyrmysse was visibly upset, almost angry, something both Arhyvhynne and Xenyssa took note of.

"You are going to obey the summons, are you not?" questioned Dhynelle.

"I do not see that we have any choice in the matter," the High Witch responded. "I intend to comply with King Nherycyn's summons completely."

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