Chapter 26

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"You were also convinced that you would emerge from the Trials as High Witch," remarked Wyxotte.

Eyrmysse stood up and pointed a finger at Wyxotte. Tiny white sparks flew from her hand as she vented her frustrations on the dwarf. "You are nothing but a pathetic excuse for a witch. Your entire life has been one of continuous failures and unrealized potential. The massive weight that your body carries is equal to the excess this Council must bear because you are a part of it. You have contributed nothing in the wasted years you have unrightfully occupied a chair in these Chambers. We have no need for you. No one has any need for you. Death's contempt for you is so great that it will not even take your miserable Soul. But I warn you, push me and I will not only deliver you to Death's door, I will force you through it!"

Wyxotte had developed a thick skin over her many years of verbal battles with Qelharre, but the black robe's scathing words had a very sobering effect on her. As it did on all the other members of the Council.

It was quiet for several moments before Arhyvhynne spoke. "I just want to let all of you know how much I value each and every one of you. All of you have always been very helpful to me and I would not exchange any of you for any others." The speech had little effect and the High Witch paused before she asked, "Is there anything else before we vote on my recommendation?"

"Yes," Eyrmysse said scornfully. "Who would reign here in your absence? Surely, not that one?" she asked as she indicated Wyxotte.

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