Chapter 26

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Arhyvhynne was entangled in a very touchy situation thanks to her sister. If the High Witch left Eyrmysse in charge it would be as if she acknowledged Wyxotte's incompetence. It would cause the old witch a great deal of pain which might have long term effects. If she went the way of tradition and chose Wyxotte, there was nothing to keep Eyrmysse at the Towers. Eyrmysse would be more effective, especially if the imminent future became darker. But in her heart, she knew that the responsibility of the position had been a tremendous strain on Wyxotte in the short time she had it previously. "I would still reign, Eyrmysse, but I would ask that you bear the burden of running the Towers in my absence."

The request didn't fool Eyrmysse a bit. She clearly saw herself being maneuvered and despised it. On the other hand, she was also not foolish enough to decline the opportunity. The black robe was not the type to sacrifice the entire war for a battle. And that is all this is, one battle. "If that is your desire, sister."

The Council briefly explored and discussed other options to Arhyvhynne accompanying Uriel and Eyrmysse ruling the Towers. Valid points were brought up over both matters, but the two people who could have forced the issues remained apathetic. Eyrmysse knew she had been cleverly manipulated and to put up a fight would be futile. Wyxotte had become completely depressed, resigning herself to resembling Eyrmysse's remarks as closely as possible.

Arhyvhynne conducted the resulting vote person by person. She started with Dhynelle and Qelharre who voiced their affirmation for her plan. The High Witch next went to Xenyssa, who also approved. Her own vote gave her a majority and made it unnecessary to have to petition either Eyrmysse or Wyxotte.

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