Chapter 26

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"Though we have agreed on this course of action, remember that we are only responding to the Crown," said the High Witch. "This is not a conviction of guilt. If my sister and I are correct, the guilty party in all this will still be at the Towers after Uriel and I have departed. Keep that foremost in all your thoughts." Arhyvhynne then called in Qenthyeffe who was standing guard outside the Chambers. She asked her to send Padxyffu and Ghemella to her and take the remainder of the Guardian's shift outside Uriel's room. While she waited, Arhyvhynne composed a response to be sent to Bhel'Ehzz.

A few minutes later, both the halfling and dwarf were before the High Witch. She instructed Padxyffu regarding her response and then apprised Ghemella of what she and the Council had decided. "There is less than a month before the Journey of Homage. If we are to arrive in Bhel'Ehzz by then, we will have to leave tomorrow. Please see to it that everything we will require is ready by the rising of the first sun." When the Guardian did not leave, Arhyvhynne asked, "Is there a problem?"

"Yes, there is, High One," said Ghemella rather reluctantly. Though there was no formal position as Captain of the Guardians, Ghemella had promoted herself to that fictitious rank and acted accordingly. Part of the charge of her imagined position was a personal responsibility towards the High Witch. "Forgive my presumptuousness, but in light of our previous encounter with the SoulSlayer and all that has transpired of late, I do not feel the High Witch should be travelling without proper escort. If I may suggest so, I would like to offer you my services in that regard."

"What a superb idea," remarked Xenyssa before the High Witch could put forth an objection. "I am sure we would all feel much safer for Arhyvhynne with you in her company. After all," she added as an aside to the High Witch, "you are not exactly well travelled or a person of the streets."

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