Chapter 26

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Though Arhyvhynne did not feel Ghemella's presence would be necessary, the Council voted it through and the dwarf was aglow with pride. "Are there any other outstanding issues?" asked Arhyvhynne.

"There is the matter of informing the sisterhood… and Uriel," said Eyrmysse.

The High Witch considered a moment before she addressed the Council. "Inform the sisters we will make a formal announcement of all that has happened when we gather together for dinner this evening. Make sure everyone is present. As for Uriel, I will speak with him when we have finished here, alone."

Eyrmysse, once again persecuted by vestiges of the Trials, could only silently curse her sister.


Outside Uriel's room, Arhyvhynne stood with Ghemella, Qenthyeffe having been sent to see to the preparations for the journey to Bhel'Ehzz. "I do not wish to be disturbed under any circumstances," the High Witch told the Guardian. Then she proceeded to knock on the door.

Uriel had spent the day in an uneasy state. After Arhyvhynne had left him in the morning, he could only pace and worry. He had not been allowed to participate in the MidSummer Closing Ceremonies and his window did not afford him a view of it either. With his nerves wearing away and being up a good part of the night, Uriel decided to try to get some sleep. It came slowly and was fitful but at least it gave him some rest and passed some time. Soon after he awoke, his anxiety began to mount. When the knock on the door came it brought with it a mixture of relief and trepidation.

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