Chapter 26

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Uriel was alarmed. "The King of Khaballe is coming here?"

"No, Uriel. I am afraid you do not understand. He is not coming here. We are going to Bhel'Ehzz."

Uriel's shoulders slumped forward and he stared at the floor. Then he picked his head up and let his eyes wander aimlessly around the room. Finally, he asked, "They think I took the Rune, don't they?"

"I do not know what they think, although it is likely that you could infer that from the summons. But that is why I will be with you, so that nothing of an adverse nature may happen to you."

Uriel suddenly thought of Eyrmysse. "Who else will be going?"

"Only Ghemella will accompany us."

"Oh," said Uriel dejectedly.

"Was there someone else you would have liked to have travel with us?"

Uriel tried to disguise his despair but did a poor job. "No. I was just curious, that's all." He tried to keep the conversation going, hoping it would settle his nerves a bit. "When do we leave?"

"Tomorrow, at sunrise," Arhyvhynne said. "It will take us most of the remainder of the month if we are to reach Bhel'Ehzz at the appointed time."

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