Chapter 26

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Arhyvhynne left Uriel's room and closed the door behind her, almost in tears. But when the High Witch spoke to Ghemella it was with quiet authority. "Under no circumstance are you to allow anyone save myself to enter or gain access to this room by any means until we leave for Bhel'Ehzz. I mean no one. Not another Guardian, not a Council member, no one. If you encounter any difficulties, refer them to me. If they persist, persuade them to desist, but use discretion."

Ghemella smiled, then remembered herself and wiped it from her face. "And should Uriel request to leave?"

"He may not."

The Guardian was a bit embarrassed to ask the next question. "What if he must use the… facilities?"

"Search his room before he leaves and then lock the door. Escort him there and wait for him. No, go in with him. When you return, search his room as before."

"As you wish, High One. No one will enter while I still draw breath. You have my oath as a Guardian."

"Make note of anyone who seeks to visit Uriel and any requests that he makes himself." The High Witch began to walk away, then stopped. "Should anyone inquire as to my whereabouts, I will be with Xenyssa until dinner. Afterwards I will spend the remainder of the evening in my room."


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