Chapter 26

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Hours had passed and Uriel was lamenting everything from his trip to Bhel'Ehzz to the lack of having his expectations for a visit from Eyrmysse met. He began to have doubts concerning everything, including the black robe. It drove him to desperate measures and he requested that Ghemella send a message to Eyrmysse. But the Guardian informed him that it would serve no purpose. He was not allowed to have any visitors.

That made him crazy. He demanded to see Arhyvhynne, but Ghemella told him she was unavailable. Uriel ranted and raved and made wild threats, all of which went unheeded by the Guardian. He even tried to lay a guilt trip on the dwarf, recalling to her their encounter against the SoulSlayer. Though Ghemella felt genuinely sorry for Uriel (which she was loathe to admit), she remained unwavering in her duty and Uriel was forced to resign himself to an evening of solitude.

As dusk settled upon northern Khaballe, Uriel was fighting a deep depression when he thought he heard voices outside his door. He jumped up from the bed where he sat and rushed to the door. His heart leapt with joy when he heard the unmistakable sound of Eyrmysse's voice.

"What do you mean I am not authorized to enter? By whose order?" asked Eyrmysse.

"By order of the High Witch," Ghemella responded.

Eyrmysse took a deep breath, let it out slowly. "As of the fifteenth hour, I now rule these Towers and I command you to allow me to enter."

Ghemella hesitated. Eyrmysse had been given the authority to run the Towers. By Arhyvhynne. But the Guardian held her ground. "I am sorry Mistress, but my instructions were explicit. I cannot."

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