Chapter 26

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Malevolence was in Eyrmysse's violet eyes. A glamour came upon her that made the black robe frightening to behold. "You do not want a confrontation with me."

It took all the Guardian's discipline not to cower. "No, I do not," she admitted. The dwarf was scared. Ghemella knew exactly what Eyrmysse was capable of, having been a student in several of her classes. "But this door I will guard until I draw my last breath."

Though Eyrmysse shook with anger, she gradually brought herself under control. Unleashing her force on someone who was only performing their duties would not be viewed sympathetically. Especially for reasons unknown. "You have done well, Ghemella. But do not ever stand against me again. For any reason. Or you may find yourself the Guardian of the Abyss." With that, Eyrmysse turned and left.

The remaining hours on the last evening of MidSummer passed quietly.

At hearing Eyrmysse's departure, Uriel hung his head, knowing now that he might never be in the comfort of her arms again. He threw himself on his bed and let out his grief. Which turned to guilt and led to anger. The cycle endlessly repeated itself and Uriel spent a sleepless night in the clutches of his own misery.

On the other side of the door, Ghemella had waited until Eyrmysse was out of sight before she took a deep sigh of relief. The Guardian gratefully spent the rest of the night at her post without incident, her only visitors being Qenthyeffe and the High Witch.

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