Chapter 27

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Uriel was beside Arhyvhynne, riding Ullyna. The High Witch thought it might help Uriel's case if he entered the capital on the back of a unicorn. She also figured they might need the animal's magical abilities before the journey was over. While Uriel usually enjoyed being with the unicorn he brought back from death's door, this morning he was oblivious to her, wrapped up in self pity. He dwelled on all his misfortunes since he arrived in Khaballe, but focused more on his absence from Eyrmysse. He had not seen the black robe the entire night and when morning came, he was conducted about without consideration of his personal desires. He had hoped to catch a glimpse of her at every turn, but Eyrmysse had been nowhere to be seen.

As the threesome had prepared to leave, the Council gathered outside the Towers along with most of the other witches. They wished Goddess' protection for their High Witch and her party. The witches hoped they would see Arhyvhynne again, but thought that it was the last time they would behold the wizard that had disrupted their quiet lives.

The assemblage of witches outside the Towers was the first and last time Uriel saw Eyrmysse. Though no words were spoken, their eyes never left each other. Then, just before Uriel departed, Eyrmysse turned and disappeared into the Towers, the others following her. It was that scene that Uriel kept playing in his mind, taking comfort in the anguish it brought.

The party headed west, planning to skirt the Thaum Mountains and ride the fringe of the Sylvan Forest. They would follow that route until they ran across the road leading from Qyntes'ah to Sevhert'ah. Taking that road south, they would stop at Sevhert'ah if need be before moving east to Bhel'Ehzz. Ghemella, however, was not in favor of stopping in Sevhert'ah. She knew it to be a dangerous city and felt they should bypass it if at all possible. To that end, she had packed extra provisions, hoping they would suffice until they reached their destination.

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