Chapter 27

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"Because they are not only birds of prey," the Guardian answered. "They have also been known to act as carriers or messengers. Their presence here explains some strange reports. Some of the other Guardians, particularly those with above average eyesight like Qenthyeffe, had sightings of things flying in the distance since your arrival. So had our Scout, Vento. Until now we did not know what they were."

Uriel did not appreciate the connection. "But how do you know they're going to Daath Ul Thaum?"

"It would appear that they were sent here to keep an eye on the Towers, or more specifically, you." Ghemella's words unsettled Uriel even more than he already was. "My guess is that the news of your departure from the Towers is being eagerly awaited by the SoulSlayer, Ahrokh."

"Or perhaps Satarsmyt," Arhyvhynne added quietly.

"Whatever the case, we had better pick up our pace," suggested the Guardian. "We are at least a few days ride from Sylvan Forest. Hopefully that is enough time to get there before the Slayer or whoever is able to overtake us."

"Why don't we just go back to the Towers?" Uriel thought this could kill two vhultards with one stone.

"It would work against us," replied the High Witch. "If we went back, then whoever is waiting for us would know that we plan to leave and be able to lie in wait for us. It would be almost impossible for us to leave again. This way, at least we have gained some distance and time. Ghemella?"

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