Chapter 27

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"I agree, High One. We should make the best of our small advantage."

The party set off once more and quickened their pace, though the drizzle was beginning to fall harder, making the going a little tougher. Not much time had passed when Ghemella shouted another obscenity.

"Now what?" a distressed Uriel yelled ahead.

"Two vhultards have separated from the flock and follow us," the Guardian called back as she kept riding.

Uriel looked around. He had trouble seeing into the rain and fog, but was able to spot the huge birds, who were looming nearer. "They're gettin' closer," he hollered.

Arhyvhynne and Uriel rode faster and caught up to Ghemella. "What can we do?" asked the High Witch.

"How about a teleportation or a barrier?" questioned the Guardian.

Arhyvhynne shook her head. "Not enough time. They are closing the distance too quickly."

"Then we better stop and face them before they snatch us right off our mounts," suggested the Guardian. "Besides, the horses and Ullyna are becoming skittish." Ghemella looked for a place that was defensible but there was nothing remotely close in the grassland. They came to a stop and dismounted. "They are intelligent birds," the Guardian told them. "They will have a plan of attack. Stay together and follow my lead."

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