Chapter 27

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Uriel and Ghemella ran over to the High Witch and were relieved to find her unharmed. After they helped her to her feet, Arhyvhynne gave Uriel a level look. "You have disappointed me greatly," she told him.

"Disappointed you? What the hell was I supposed to do? Stand there and watch that… thing kill you?"

"You misunderstand me, Uriel. I am indebted to you for saving my life. Again. However, I am not pleased that you have lied to me."

"Lied to you? What are you talking about?"

"Did you not tell me that you had not studied magic, that Eyrmysse merely assisted you with the histories?" the High Witch questioned.

"Yeah. I told you. That's all it was."

"The spell you used to… dispose of the vhultard is that of a black robe. Is it necessary that I ask where you learned of it?" There was no need for Uriel to answer, Arhyvhynne saw the truth clearly in his eyes. But before she could press the subject, a sharp intake of breath by Ghemella drew her attention to the Guardian. "Are you all right?" Arhyvhynne questioned with concern.

Ghemella suddenly looked weak, appearing to have lost some of the color from her ruddy complexion. She applied pressure to her left wrist with her right hand and wavered as she stood. "It is nothing, Mistress."

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