Chapter 27

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"If it's nothing, then what happened to your arm?" asked Uriel.

Upon the Guardian's left hand was a one inch long welt that was turning black. "It is just a scratch."

"It may only be a scratch but its effects are serious," said the High Witch. "Could it be from the vhultard's tail?"

"I suppose. It could have happened when I fell and the bird attacked Uriel." Ghemella was trying very hard to be nonchalant. "If you would perform a small healing, I am sure I will be fine," she said.

"Ghemella, if that wound is from the vhultard's tail, you are in grave danger. Their poison is very strong and spreads quickly." Arhyvhynne thought for a moment then declared, "We should return to the Towers."

"No. I assure you I will be fine. I am certain this is from one of the talons as the vhultard crossed over me. The skin is not broken. A minor healing is all I require."

The High Witch was not convinced. "Are you sure?" The Guardian nodded and Arhyvhynne, more skilled than most among those who did not make healing their profession, worked a low level healing. Ghemella took to it in a short time and regained most of her color, though the welt itself looked no better.

With the Guardian apparently on her way to recovery, the party set out again, riding for several silent hours in the light rain. Uriel thought Arhyvhynne would immediately come back to the matter of the spell he used on the vhultard, but the High Witch remained in her own world. For the first time, doubt entered her mind where Uriel was concerned. And she did not know how to handle it. So she kept to herself, trying to consider all the angles, trying not to draw any conclusions.

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