Chapter 27

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Ghemella wanted to take watch for the entire night, but Arhyvhynne declined her offer. Though the Guardian seemed to be holding up well, the High Witch felt that they would be able to manage between Uriel and herself. Arhyvhynne took the first watch after she cast a minor healing spell on Ghemella to help her rest through the night.

It was a warm and uncomfortable evening. Arhyvhynne's watch passed without incident, but midway through Uriel's watch, his senses tensed. He had been watching Arhyvhynne in her sleep with mixed emotions when he noticed something overhead. A silhouette was visible against the passing clouds that were illuminated by the light of the moons. He couldn't make out what it was and he didn't know if it was worth disturbing Arhyvhynne or Ghemella. His first thought was that it was a vhultard, however he had seen and read about so many strange beings and creatures in Khaballe that he didn't want to jump to any conclusions. But the shape seemed to be circling their area, getting closer with each circuit. A shiver raced down his spine as Uriel could finally see that the bird was quite large and had a long tail. Uriel sat motionless, his heart beating wildly, trying to decide what he should do. He wasn't even sure the bird had seen them and did not want to do anything that might draw its attention. But the vhultard only circled a few more times before it gained height and departed in the same direction it had come, the southeast.

Dawn approached, bringing with it overcast skies and fog. The party arose and Uriel mentioned his sighting during the night. They discussed the matter for a while and decided to move out quickly. The party began their second day of travel after they ate and Arhyvhynne renewed the healing spell on Ghemella. Soon, each of them retreated to the silent world of their thoughts. Ghemella was brooding over getting poisoned and having it affect their mission. Uriel was still angry with Arhyvhynne for separating Eyrmysse and himself but he also wanted things to be normal between the white robe and him again. Arhyvhynne, her energies somewhat spent from her healing attempts on the Guardian and only half a night's rest, thought about Uriel. Or to be more precise, what he was hiding.

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