Chapter 27

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The rider, an elf, went first to Arhyvhynne and inquired as to her well being. Satisfied, he returned to his companion. He spent a moment grieving silently before he secured the body to the horse. Then he returned to Arhyvhynne. She was with Uriel, hunched over Ghemella.

"Your friend?" Arhyvhynne asked with concern.

The rider shook his head solemnly then dismounted. "He is… was my squire," he said with a tear still in his eye. "Though I would count him as a trusted friend as well." The elf looked at Ghemella. A good portion of her hand which still held the curved dagger had turned black and she was delirious with fever. "Your friend does not appear at all well, my lady."

Neither did the High Witch for that matter. She was ashen and weak. "She had been stung by a vhultard three days ago. I have been working some healings but I am afraid this encounter with the SoulSlayer has greatly jeopardized Ghemella's health and she is beyond my capabilities."

"We must get her into the Sylvan," the elf said. "We have some healers who may be able to slow the poison's progress. Upon success, we can continue on to Qyntes'ah where she may be cured. But we must hurry. I, too, am afraid her time is short."

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