Chapter 28

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They were silent for a moment before Arhyvhynne remembered something. "I have been most discourteous. Allow me to introduce myself and my company. I am Arhyvhynne," she said, then added almost as an afterthought, "High Witch of the Moons."

At that, the elf dropped to one knee and bowed his head. "It has been my humble honor to have served you, High One."

"That is completely uncalled for," Arhyvhynne said, embarrassed. She bade the elf to rise and continued after he complied. "This is Uriel, a… wizard. The one the others are working to heal is Ghemella, one of my Guardians. You are?"

"I am Syrqyndyl, Marshall, Warrior of the Wood, son of Lyrqyldyn, Sovereign Prince of the Wood and ever at your service." Though the elf had an easy manner, he had an air of self-assurance about him which made it obvious that he was completely comfortable with authority. As a Warrior of the Wood, his responsibilities were to the protection first of Khaballe and secondly Qyntes'ah. Syrqyndyl was a tall, thin, dark elf with strawberry-blonde hair. He was dressed in greens and browns which blended perfectly with the forest. Uriel noted that if Syrqyndyl did not move or speak, one might not notice him, even were he standing next to him.

"I am honored to be in your presence, Syrqyndyl," said the High Witch. "Though I have never had the good fortune of meeting your father, I have heard from many, elven and not, that he is of strong character and quite a distinguished statesman."

"Thank you. I am sure he would be pleased to hear that his name has reached the ears of one placed as high as yourself."

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