Chapter 28

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The High Witch explained. "Witches and wizards are the only ones permitted to practice high magic. Healers and some elves, dwarves, halflings and even humans practice what we term low magic. Low magic entails using the innate qualities of an object to perform some act."

"Isn't that the same thing?"

Arhyvhynne shook her head. "Witches and wizards use their own energies to command, control and make use of other objects, those objects being supplemental to the process. The opposite is true of low magic."

Uriel shrugged his shoulders. "I guess."

Syrqyndyl returned and informed the High Witch that Ghemella had stabilized. The healers had stopped the spread of poison and the fever was now only low grade. He cautioned that her condition was still serious and she was in need of the professional healers in the elven city. But he wanted the Guardian to rest for a couple of hours before they set out to Qyntes'ah.

After two hours of the best rest they had gotten since they left the Towers, the party, consisting of Arhyvhynne, Uriel, Ghemella and Syrqyndyl, left for the elven city. They rode through the Sylvan at a good pace following the lead of the elf. He took routes that were known only to the elves, staying off the one main road that led into the city, explaining that his route would be much quicker.

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