Chapter 28

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The journey to Qyntes'ah took them a little more than a day and a half. Due to the tranquility of the forest and the ever present mystical chants on the breezes, the time passed quickly. The High Witch and the elf spent most of the time conversing upon matters of witches and elves. They also took turns reinforcing the healings that were performed on Ghemella. Though Syrqyndyl was not as learned as even Arhyvhynne in those arts, they managed. Uriel did a great deal of soul-searching but drew few conclusions and made fewer resolutions. Even this most serene of forests was unable to ease his mind and quell his fears. He had even become inexplicably jealous of the rapport Syrqyndyl and Arhyvhynne had developed and had remained aloof the entire time. Ghemella remained in a semi-conscious state for most of the trip, secured to a horse provided by the elves and still grasping the curved dagger which she refused to surrender.

By mid-morning of their second day of travel, their sixth from the Towers, the party noticed the forest beginning to thin. They were still travelling at a quick pace for Ghemella's benefit when they neared Qyntes'ah and began to see dwellings both on the ground and in the trees. They were all fashioned from wood and were exquisitely done, each exhibiting a touch of the famous Qyntes'an crystal used in unique ways to accentuate their homes. The visitors marveled at the way the crystal was situated in each structure, somehow managing to catch and weave the threads of sunlight into iridescent rainbows. In some it was through the use of a small window above or on the sides of an entryway or alcove, in others it was in the metaphysical emblems or designs that were combined with the woodwork and still others in decorations such as crystal trees or animals. Syrqyndyl explained that the history of an elven family could be deciphered from the intricate crystal and wood detail of an elven house.

It was soon after that they came upon the city of Qyntes'ah proper. The elven city was located in a clearing encompassed by the Sylvan, near the Strait of Kho Rhon'ah. The large clearing was of an irregular shape and was caused by a dragon attack at the time of the FireHunt. Before that memorable event, the city resided in the forest itself. But a battle here saw a large area of the forest destroyed. In the aftermath, the elves decided to rebuild the city amidst the destruction. They cleared away the vestiges of the battle, salvaging a great deal from which they began construction of the new city.

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