Chapter 28

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If the visitors had been impressed with the dwellings on the outskirts of Qyntes'ah, then they were left breathless upon beholding the city. The wood and crystal structures were magnificent as they stretched to the sky. The colors and textures of the woods were blended to perfection. Sparkles, shimmers and rainbows glimmered off the exquisite crystal, bathing the city in an array of lights that was almost too beautiful to look upon.

The party took what to the visitors seemed like poorly laid out streets to Qyntes Estates, the elven city hall at the center of town. Syrqyndyl revealed that the streets were laid out in precise patterns that, when viewed from above, depicted various symbols of esoteric meaning to the elves. The elf also discussed the commercial side of Qyntes'ah, relating that the majority of all wood and crystal products came from the city. They were surprised to find out that the elves did a fair amount of business in furs and perishables as well, using but not abusing all that the forest had to offer.

Long before they came to its doors, the party had been able to admire the delicate crystal spires and minarets of the Estates. They reached high in the sky, a beacon for those travelling to its doors, a landmark for all to see and appreciate. Before they arrived at the large building, they were met by a dragoon and formally escorted to the Estates. Upon arriving, they stood at the ornately carved doors for a moment, savoring the beauty of Qyntes'ah, but more especially the Estates.

The interior beauty of the building did not pale in comparison to the exterior. An atrium had been constructed around an elm, the only tree left standing in the clearing after the encounter with the dragons. Here, the party was received by Lyrqyldyn, Sovereign Prince of the Wood, his wife Lhelqerra and the city officials.

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