Chapter 28

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The Sovereign Prince of the Wood was tall and thin, traits of the elven race. His hair was entirely grey except for a hint of red. Lyrqyldyn's complexion was darker than Syrqyndyl's. He had strong, angled features and his face was deeply lined. He was dressed in the customary green and brown attire of the elves with the jewel of his office on a golden chain around his neck. Lyrqyldyn functioned as Lord Mayor of Qyntes'ah. Though his title was that of Prince, it was honorary and conferred upon the ruler of the elven people.

Lyrqyldyn's wife was also a dark elf who was not quite as tall as either her husband or son, but was equally thin. Lhelqerra wore a pale green dress and a circlet of leaves adorned her head. It was obvious that Syrqyndyl got his strawberry-blonde hair from his mother. As with most elven woman, it was futile to attempt to discern Lhelqerra's age by her looks.

A herald announced Arhyvhynne. Lyrqyldyn took his wife by the hand and both genuflected then bowed their heads. The rest of the gathering followed suit. "It is with the highest honor and great pleasure that I receive you, High One. Welcome to the elven city of Qyntes'ah."

The High Witch knew better than to be informal. Arhyvhynne traced a crescent moon in the air which coalesced and glowed. "Goddess blessing on the house of Lyrqyldyn and the city and holdings of Qyntes'ah." The white robe motioned for them to arise. "I extend to you greetings from the Towers of the Moons and my sincere personal thanks. It is with regret that I visit this fair city under duress and am only here through the great efforts and unparalleled bravery of Syrqyndyl, who, disregarding his own welfare, saved my life and those of my attendants by delivering us out of the grasp of a SoulSlayer."

"I am sure you are in desperate need of repose after so harrowing an experience," said Lyrqyldyn. "Please, let us retire to my quarters."

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