Chapter 28

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The group followed Lyrqyldyn past hallways that stretched in all the directions, to the main one which lead to his office and quarters. There, the highly polished wood and elegant furnishings gave one a sense of being in a familiar, comfortable study. The touches of crystal were just enough to add the perfect accent to the atmosphere.

Once behind closed doors, Lyrqyldyn allowed himself to give his son a warm greeting. Then he stood back a step and held his son's hands in his own. "I have heard the reports. I share your grief over your squire. I know the two of you were close, but I am grateful you are the one that stands here before me. Were it the other way…" Syrqyndyl nodded his head in understanding.

Lhelqerra was next to embrace her son. Her face betrayed her relief at seeing her son was unharmed. She hugged him and kissed his cheek. After their brief reunion, Lhelqerra turned to the High Witch. "You are much like your mother and I suspect equally wise."

"Thank you," responded Arhyvhynne, "though I am afraid I will walk this Path many times before I will have my mother's wisdom. You knew her?"

"Yes. She passed this way on several occasions and once honored us with her presence at MidSummer. We became very close in the short time she spent with us. We were all very saddened to learn of her departure." Lhelqerra paused a moment then asked, "How fare our cousins Qelharre and Qenthyeffe?" The elves referred to all those of their race that were not direct blood relatives as cousins.

"They are well. Both talked of visiting here after MidSummer, but I fear circumstances have changed all that." Arhyvhynne seemed to debate something internally then went on. "I do not wish to be discourteous, however, the sole reason we are here is that Ghemella, one of my Guardians, is in dire need of your healers. She has suffered encounters with both a vhultard and a Slayer. It was only through the assistance of your sentries that she has managed to get this far."

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