Chapter 28

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Lyrqyldyn was distraught. "Forgive us, High One. We were not aware. Let her be attended to immediately. Where is she?"

Ghemella had gone unnoticed among the High Witch, Uriel and several guards. She was brought to the forefront by a sentry who was careful not to touch the blackened left hand. The Guardian looked terrible and was unable to stand on her own.

Lyrqyldyn's face turned to stone. "I am afraid we will not be able to accommodate your request, High One."

Arhyvhynne was confused. "I do not believe I understand."

"We cannot treat her," Lyrqyldyn said bluntly.

"Why not?"

The Sovereign Prince of the Wood looked uncomfortable. It took several seconds before he responded. "She is of dwarven blood." Syrqyndyl was about to protest but a look from his father quelled him.

Arhyvhynne was beside herself. "You cannot be serious. She will die if she is not treated soon." Lyrqyldyn gave her a look of regret and the High Witch pressed the matter. "Besides, she is only partially of dwarven blood."

"It is forbidden."

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