Chapter 28

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"By whom?" Arhyvhynne demanded.

"It has been that way since the time of the ancients."

Uriel, silent until this point, spoke up. "Then why was she treated by your sentries when we entered the forest?"

Lyrqyldyn's face turned crimson with anger and Uriel thought he might never see Bhel'Ehzz. But the elf turned to a guard and said, "Find the sentries who have disgraced our ancestors and bring them to me."

"Do not bother," Syrqyndyl told the guard. "I ordered it, father. They were unwilling to perform the healing but I gave them little choice."

Lyrqyldyn was livid. "How could you have permitted this? You know what the Tenets state. Worse, you know that many elven lives were lost as a result of the StoneWood Wars, including that of your great grandfather."

"I thought it foolish that something that happened seven hundred years ago and cost so many lives then should be the cause for yet another casualty now."

Lyrqyldyn wanted to lash out at his son but somehow managed to control his temper. He sighed, then said, "High One, I pray you ask of me anything else and I will assure you it will be done."

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